Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I really didn't mean to leave that bummer of a post up there for a month. We came home from Florida, readjusted to...not being in Florida, and then yadda yadda blah blah.

So what have I been up to?

  • Florida! I have to tell you, all those senior citizens who stay in Florida for the winter really have it figured out and it is my sincere wish to be able to do the same when we are old and eating cat food because we have no retirement savings.
  • I saw manatees! (they hang out here)

  • I saw giant birds! Poor MWP, he had to listen to me exclaim "That was the biggest bird I've ever seen!" for the rest of the day. I must be a lot of fun to hang out with.
Sandhill cranes

  • Thankfully, we did not see any large alligators (The MWP saw a small one at the park where he was working).

  •  The day before we drove home, it was 80 degrees. When we arrived home 2 days later, it was 12 degrees and snowing. Welcome home! Sorry about the snow up your pant legs!
  • Most of this winter has been absurdly mild and I, for one, love it. It has been raining quite a bit, but you don't have to shovel that, so I am fine with it.
  • I knit some things. Several things. I do not have pictures of these things (yet).
  • Our neighbors moved. They took their dog with them. I am very sad about this (more sad about the dog than the people). They left very suddenly and didn't tell anyone they were going. Apparently, they moved into a family home that was empty that is closer to their parents so that their parents can help with childcare. Rumor has it that baby #3 is on the way, but they left so suddenly that for all I know, they could be in the Witness Protection Program (another one of our neighbors thought that too, which is funny and makes me think maybe I am not a lunatic for wondering that after all).
  • I miss that dog very much. Poor Teddy, he lost his BFF.
  • I am out of things to talk about. See? I could totally update this once a month.


    Angela Noelle said...

    We have an alligator warning sign in our backyard! Eep! We've only seen one in our pond once though (though other ponds in the neighborhood have a few scaly residents). Glad you checked in :)

    SJ said...

    My husband keeps taunting me by showing me what the weather is like in Naples (where we were over break). Even if it's mild here, it's been like 80 and sunny there. I agree -- all those senior citizens know what they are doing!

    A South Park Republican said...

    I love manatees! They are one of the best things Florida has to offer.