Monday, December 05, 2011

Let the record show...

...that today, December 5th, is the day that I finally snapped to my senses and dumped the rest of my holiday knitting.

Oh sure, it started off simply enough. A sweater for my sister! I started in October, so as to finish with plenty of time (This, by the way, is still on track and I am not woried about finishing, although I am really, really ready to be done. Really.)

Then I thought to myself, "Self! You should knit toys for the nieces for Christmas!" Then it was "Self! I bet your SIL would love a shawl for Christmas!" (and I really think that she would.) Finally, the pinnacle of insanity: "Hey, self, why don't you knit your BIL a hat for Christmas? He would probably wear it, he lives in New England." (Did I mention this is the BIL who barely speaks to me and last year, at Thanksgiving, talked to everyone but me?)

And so, the list has been ruthlessly trimmed. Knitting toys was dumped on Cyber Monday, when I found a really great deal on Crayola toys. Knitting for my BIL was dumped whenever I remembered that he treats me like a second-class citizen. My SIL will get some lovely yarn and an equally lovely pattern.

What finally made me regain my sanity? These simple words: 19 knitting days left until Christmas! *gulp*


SJ said...

Good for you! No knitting for people who refuse to acknowledge your existence.

The big question is how is the sweater going? Are 19 days enough time to finish?

Jenn said...

I'm on to the sleeves! :)

DPUTiger said...

I am most of the way through the second toy on my list, should be done with them both by the weekend. Then the last holiday gifting thing on my list are placemats for my dad (woven) that simply will not be finished in time, and an Epic Sewing Day (or two). But, at the end of the day, the world will not end if those things don't get done .

and I totally agree with SJ. No knitting for people who refuse to acknowledge your existence!