Monday, August 04, 2008

Confirming our suspicions

A few weeks ago, a local channel ran a consumer segment on a product that could help you determine how smart your dog is. (You can see that video here.) Now, The MWP know that we have a smart dog, but we also know that we have a very lazy dog. So we hauled out the equipment shown in the video and put Rufus to the test.

First test: can your dog find a treat hidden under a series of cups?

The doggie intelligence test

"You want me to what?"

The doggie intelligence test

"Ooof. Too hard. Brain hurts."

For what it's worth, he did figure out which cup held the treat:

The doggie intelligence test

However, he had trouble flipping the cup over and eventually started pushing it all over the living room. And why exert so much effort, especially when there's a whole stinking box of cookies right next to me? It's much more efficient to go to the source.

The doggie intelligence test

The tongue just kills me.

The doggie intelligence test

It's worth pointing out that when we put a piece of cheese under the cup, Rufus suddenly found his motivation and not only started knocking over the cups, but also started flipping over his food bowl. You know. In case we hid cheese under his food bowl.

Lesson learned: Rufus can find the treat, but doesn't care. Getting a cookie from the box is easier. Cheese trumps cookies every time.

Second test: if you wear a ski mask, will your dog recognize you? We don't have a ski mask, so we skipped this one, but I'm pretty sure that he would pass.

Third test: can your dog find you if you hide under a blanket?

The doggie intelligence test

"Oh, come ON."

The doggie intelligence test

"This is demeaning! Can't I just have a cookie?"

The doggie intelligence test

Rufus finally humored us and "found" The MWP. What's funny is that he knew The MWP was under there and just didn't care. However, when he hops up on the bed for cuddles at bedtime, I can move my hand around under the blanket and he doesn't realize it's my hand.

The doggie intelligence test

Lesson learned: Rufus will find you, but he'll chew on you first.

We finally said the heck with the IQ test and let him have a toga party.

Toga! Toga!

I suspect that the test would say that Rufus has average intelligence, but we know he's just lazy. And we all remember the time he was really smart, right? If Rufus could hold a job, I think he would let everyone else do the work while he surfed the Internet, made personal phone calls and rooted through people's lunches.


SJ said...

Thank you for giving me my laugh for the day. Rufus is just what I needed after a long and boring day at work!

DPUTiger said...

OK, the "toga party" picture is just THE BEST. Whatta dog! :)

stephieface said...

I love the "lessons learned"

sophanne said...

You SO just sent me over the Rufus edge. Oh how I love that dog. Love Love Love Love.

Jen said...

Great photos - thanks for the laugh! :)

beachknits said...

omg I love this dog. I want to kidnap him RIGHT.NOW!

Jenn said...

No kidnapping the dog, he's my main source of entertainment during the day!

danielle said...

Rufus is a rock star! Silly test or no silly test!

blogless dee said...

Personally I think Rufus is a genius because why root around under cups when you can go right to the treat source? That seems more logical to me anyways. Besides The Roo is Mr Cool. I reference how he rides in the car with his paw up on the armrest. Smart dog!

Wickedly Scarlett said...

These have to be among the cutest Rufus pictures EVER!! I think I know what the dogs and I will be doing this weekend ;)