Wednesday, June 18, 2008

He keeps me around anyway.

Here's why I never would have survived in 1939. My favorite check box is the one that says "puts her cold feet on her husband at night to warm them." Crap, I do that almost every night!

Only one section is posted, but so far, I've scored a zero, making me a poor wife. What's your score?
There's a link to the entire test at the end of the article. Maybe my score will improve!


Melissa said...

Ok, as a potential religious professional, I just have to say that it really bends my Bible that it's crucial that the woman is religious in this little quiz, but the MAN gets to sleep in on Sunday. Pfft!

Red nail polish. lol

tana said...

I dig what melissa is saying (Preach it sister!)- I thought that too when I first came upon this little quiz.

Can you get a negative number as a result? I'm a really, really, really bad wife.

Cheryl :) said...

..It's pretty funny that "wears red nail polish" is a demerit. :(

The pastor of our church told us sunday that of children brought to church by mothers only 23% stay "churched", if brought to church by fathers 93% stay churched.

I have far more demerits than merits....and my 30th anniversary is in two weeks.

SJ said...

Well, at least I'm good on the "keeps the house neat and tidy" -- but do you think it counts if I only do it because I can't stand the dirt/mess and am a germophobe?

meritwriter said...

We printed that out here and passed it around...and my coworker has a -7 number. LOL