Thursday, September 28, 2006

The re-cabling

After nearly two weeks of waffling, hand-wringing and agonizing, I couldn't take it a anymore. I sat down to fix the damn cable.

Let's all reaquaint ourselves with Mr. Bastard Cable, shall we?

Yeah. He's sitting there, looking all twisted and smug, but I'll show him.

Because I'm the kind of person who won't do anything without waffling, hand-wringing and agonizing first, I made a swatch.

I undid the cabled stitches, as the Yarn Harlot discusses here. (Thanks to everyone who pointed me in that direction.)

Then I picked them all up again. It was a little fiddly, but not too bad.

Then, what should show up on Bloglines last week but an entry here about a way to fix cables by cutting and grafting! I read. And re-read. And re-read. I made another swatch and tried it. People, it was ugly. I kept cutting the wrong strand and I couldn't for the life of me get it. However, I couldn't figure out the instructions for fixing cables in SJ's copy of Knit Fix either, so it's entirely possible that this is all my personal malfunction.

So anyway. I finally broke down and started.


(Yes, we have 2 laptops in our house, but one of them isn't actually ours. So we're dorks, but not GIANT dorks.) (Although, come to think of it, we have 6 total computers in our house, so yes, giant dorks.)

Then I picked them all up. I think it took about 2 hours, which is not too terrible. Here's the finished back:


Also, it's worth mentioning that at the end of the Yarn Harlot entry I mentioned earlier, she talks about a way to fix cables using what boils down to a duplicate stitch. I tried it and it looked like a monkey's ass. I think that this yarn is too bulky for that to work.

I cast on for the front last night and with any luck, we won't be repeating this in a few weeks.


Donna said...

fabulous job! I don't know if I could have done it without breaking something.

SJ said...

Hooray! Looks fantastic! Glad to hear it wasn't too awful -- you know, because I'm the kind of person who won't pay attention and is bound to mess up a cable like that in the future. Then I'll have you as my Re-Cabling Guru.

jessie said...

I think the fact that you have 6 computers in your house is only disturbing in light of the fact that you appear to have no furniture.

But anyway: great cable repair. No matter how simply it can be described (if at all), there is nothing that can make one feel secure about intentionally laddering a foot or so of hard-won knitting. Nicely done.

Denise said...

Wow, I am in awe! I wish I was able to do something like that.

Sheryl said...

Jenkies! The pic gives me the heebie jeebies, I can't imagine actually doing it. But you did it wonderfully! And then after 2 hours of stressful fixing you go right ahead and cast on for the front? I raise my needles to you :-)

JessaLu said...

You did it!!! Yay!!! Swear to God I left the comment on the last post before I even knew this one existed ;o)

By the way, we have six computers, too. Unless you don't count the one my ex dropped off here expecting me to fix it for him (it's still sitting in the same spot three months later) ;o)

Amanda Cathleen said...! that must have been a bit scary. Great job fixing the bastard cable. ; )

dee said...

Can I just say "Wow!" You are my knitting hero! I must say I was really scared when I saw all the unraveled stitches I almost got sick, but the finished project looks great. Buh'ya!

And might I just remind you...there were 4 (count 'em...that's right!) laptops at the beach. You're in good company.

Jen said...

You are my knitting hero. I am so glad that it worked!!!

Cara said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that this submission made it into this month's Yarnival! You can view the issue on my blog. Thanks for submitting! Have a GREAT DAY!