Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Knitting: A Chronicle of Trepidation

July 2003: First project, a baby scarf made out of the worst acrylic yarn on Earth. Intimidated by first project.

November 2003: Second project, hat for Mr. Weirdy Pants. Have conquered first project fears, now intimidated by gauge.

March 2004: Fifth project, a striped afghan constructed in 4 panels. Have given gauge the finger and seamed up the panels, now intimidated by weaving in ends. (I believe I calculated that I had close to 200 ends to weave in. I did not finish weaving in ends until August.)

May 2004: First knitting project that matters if it unravels in public. Now intimidated by short rows.

July 2004: Have conquered short rows. Gauge gives me the finger by making another tank top be twelve inches too big for me. Freaking gauge.

September 2005: After a year of knitting easy crap, have now moved on to socks. Am intimidated by toe-up patterns and knitting in the round.

October 2005: Have conquered knitting in the round. Have tried knitting lace with a chart, only to end with threats to light yarn on fire. Lace chart - 1; me - 0.

May 2006: Finally figure out lace chart! Lace chart - 1; me - 1. Still intimidated by Pomatomus though.

September 2006: First cabled project. Not intimidated by cables or cable chart. Am intimidated by fixing the sad, sad miscrossed cable. Dublicate stitching didn't work. Have narrowed fixing methods down to 2, either this one or this one. Both have potential to be crappy.

Leaving it alone is not an option because the mistake will eat at my brain until I go insane (some would say I don't have far to go, but that's not the point). So I will keep swatching and practicing fixes and then the miscrossed cable will be a thing of the past and I will stop dreaming about it at night.


Mr. Weirdy Pants said...

You have a looooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg way to go before your insane. It's my fault for picking such a hard pattern. Don't beat yourself up over it. I know you will get it and when you do, you can say Bu'Yah!

Sheryl said...

You go girl.
And speaking of Pomatomus.....uh yeah I still have to finish sock #1, and wondering when I will ever start sock #2. It's a killer.

Jen said...

Laughing. Oooh. Laughing.

amanda cathleen said...

I have to say I love your list! *L* You'll figure out a way to fix that stupid cable. I have faith : )

SJ said...

*Laugh* *Snort*

kerrianne said...

Ok, this post officially made me feel like the least creative person on the planet. Or at least, unable to knit. Which, in all fairness, I am. Unable to knit, that is. I once made a Christmas ornament with a sock, a string, and some puffy paint. But I'm pretty sure my mom was lying when she told me it looked "great." ; )

The "point" to my random sock-storytelling: I'm coveting your mad crafty skillz, yo. : )

dee said...

I'm still located somewhere around "intimidated by short rows" and gauge has given me the finger on more than one occasion.

I envy your true knitting courage!

Oh, and going back to what Mr Weirdy Pants said...yeah, it's his fault ;) (Sorry Mr Weirdy...couldn't resist!)